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We provide a suite of products to help ensure your clients move on time. With access to real-time CON29 data, and no file plan required, we offer an enhanced speed of search delivery.

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biggest in Britain

Our Search Adviser facility identifies postcode specific ancillary searches which may affect the property. This supports your due diligence and best practice approach.

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biggest in Britain

Our quote conversion toolset allows you to generate an instant quote and incorporate your own services. This will assist in increasing your own conversion rates.

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biggest in Britain

Backed by Souter Investments, we have been established in the industry for more than 25 years. With over 100 staff, we are well versed in your requirements, and ensure matters are always resolved quickly and efficiently.

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biggest in Britain

£10 million Professional Indemnity Insurance for both residential and commercial properties means you can transfer the risk to us, and away from your own PI.

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We offer both bulk purchase, and bespoke, pricing options. We can also help support growth in lucrative market segments, such as Auctions and New Build.

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Our full range of products satisfies lender, compliance, and client requirements. Our practices are rigorously tested and meet SRA guidelines.

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We have a tried and tested disaster recovery plan that means systems are backed up and operational within 24 hours.

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Insurance products are available to help your clients offset costs where the purchase transaction falls through. This will protect your fees and create a marketing advantage.

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We keep your finger on the industry’s pulse with free 1-2-1 training with on-going support and product updates. We will even give you early bird webinar invitations! Resources for conveyancers

Empowering You and Your Clients

OSD-Gold-CoinEnhanced Speed of Search Delivery

  • Immediate access to our CON29 database.
  • Integration for ancillary reports through partners such as Landmark & Groundsure.
  • No need to upload a file plan.

OSD-Gold-CoinCommercial Opportunities

  • Competitive, tailored pricing to help you attract and win more business
  • Special Auction, New Build, Investor, and Remortgage Search packs, to help you gain more business in these growth areas.


  • Payment terms on a plan to suit you
  • Choose from a wide selection of products and suppliers
  • We work together to provide practical solutions


OneQuote Toolset enables conveyancing professionals to increase conversions, deliver exceptional service and stand out from the rest.


What is OneQuote Toolset?

OneQuote Toolset is a Quotation Tool for solicitors, which draws from the unique datasets of OneSearch Direct, the largest local authority data search company in the UK.

OneQuote Toolset allows you to accurately identify all searches required for your property, then generate an instant quote to incorporate your own services.

This will assist in obtaining more instructions in an increasingly time-sensitive industry.


How does it work?


Using a property’s postcode, you can instantly view all the relevant searches required, using our unique ‘Search Adviser’ platform.

A range of search options are then displayed for you to choose from, including editable sections for you to add your own services.

This will generate a printable PDF of a complete and comprehensive quote. For complete professionalism, we will also embed your firm’s logo and details.


Do you include all search products?

Yes, we go far beyond the standard local search.

You have the option to generate quotes for council sourced searches, ancillary and environmental reports from our partners such as Landmark Information Group and Groundsure.

You can even create bespoke entries to incorporate your own services and fees, using our editable boxes.


Do I need to be a OneSearch customer?

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As much as we’d love you to order your searches through OneSearch Direct, the Conveyancing Tool quotation tool is available, free, to all conveyancing solicitors and estate agents.

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